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Will concessions by the Ukrainian government lead to peaceful dialogue?


Ukraine's parliament repeals anti-protest law while prime minister resigns


Congress nears compromise on farm bill


Russian security expected to be very visible and rigorous at Sochi games


Jay Carney previews State of the Union, Obama's plans to use executive authority


News Wrap: Unaccustomed to severe cold, South braces for deep freeze


Diving into the Philippines' dangerous, underwater mines


Author explores how Pussy Riot arrest marked new phase in Russian politics


How will GOP lawmakers react to Obama's State of the Union agenda?


As U.S.-Afghan relations hit new barrier, what options exist for security deal?


Demand, infrastructure affects price and delivery of heat amid very cold winter


St. Paul's mayor reflects on added stresses of severe cold for families


News Wrap: Rescue teams search for missing victims of deadly Quebec fire


Legal marijuana businesses seek banking solutions


Start-ups, organizations take on America’s food waste challenge


Viewers respond to our report on life in Iran


Opposition leaders rebuff Ukraine president's olive branch


Viewers respond to our report on the Indian space program


Global markets suffer major drop


Juan Gelman, Argentine poet who fought against a military junta, dies at 83


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