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Pivotal vote on Egypt's new constitution stirs violence and division


In 'Duty,' Gates reflects on debates waged behind the scenes of war


Lawmakers work toward budget compromise, but remain split on jobless benefits


News Wrap: Appeals court throws out FCC's rules on net neutrality


Haitians blame UN soldiers for cholera crisis in wake of earthquake disaster


With Iran interim deal settled, what challenges lie ahead for a permanent fix?


Iran agrees to interim nuclear deal, but is absent from Syria peace process


Why investing in the health of Americans should start early


Closing the digital divide by helping seniors get online


Supreme Court considers definition of 'recess' in case on Obama's appointments


Will W.Va. water emergency spur greater environmental oversight?


News Wrap: Israel holds state funeral for former PM Ariel Sharon


Viewers sound off on NewsHour Weekend stories


What’s the state of smoking in America?


Germany continues to grapple with Nazi-era legacy


Many West Virginians still without tap water


Gap between wages and consumer prices imperils financial security


Poverty rates surge in American suburbs


Reflecting on the life and legacy of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon


From author to ambassador, Kate DiCamillo approaches reading with celebration


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