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News Wrap: Temperatures rise as deep freeze eases grip on United States


World Food Programme faces 'highly unusual' quadruple food emergency


Al-Shabab terrorists in training find inspiration in Kenya mall attack


How will Yellen's interest in the 'human face' of economics influence policy?


Senate advances bill to restore benefits for long-term unemployed


JPMorgan settles for $2.6 billion fine over Madoff fallout


News Wrap: Iraq strikes back against al-Qaida militants holding Ramadi, Fallujah


Polar vortex chills Americans with another day of record cold temperatures


At Consumer Electronics Show, 'smartphone revolution' spreads from car to closet


Alzheimer's researchers seek better prevention with early detection


What role should the U.S. play in keeping al-Qaida from gaining Iraq foothold?


News Wrap: Senate confirms Janet Yellen as Fed chief


Confronting bitter weather, Midwest mayors address help for vulnerable citizens


Polar vortex descends on U.S. with dangerously low temperatures


What will Bloomberg’s legacy on climate change be?


Vancouver law cuts drunken-driving deaths in half


Hezbollah upgrades missile threat to Israel


Can new apps lead to a new you for 2014?


Making sure young brains get the benefits of music training


Al-Qaida group takes control of central Fallujah


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