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Protests erupt in Turkey over corruption probe into Erdogan's government


How the conflict in Syria is spreading division and violence in Lebanon


Deadly Beirut bombing kills prominent politician who was critic of Hezbollah


News Wrap: Target says stolen PIN number data is believed to be secure


Returning dignity in death to those who were forgotten during their lives


Tracking the breakdown of American social institutions in 'The Unwinding'


Looking back at the Snowden leaks that sparked U.S. surveillance revelations


Lake Tahoe community battles over future of development and preservation


U.S. rushes to bolster Iraq with drones and missiles in fight against militants


News Wrap: American kidnapped by al-Qaida makes video plea from Pakistan


Writer Jay Parini considers how people experience God through the story of Jesus


Indian central bank chief on the wake-up call to reduce foreign money dependence


News Wrap: Christmas Day car bombings target Christians in Baghdad


Students explore an entrepreneurial alternative to higher ed with Enstitute


Why fewer monarch butterflies are surviving their winter migration to Mexico


Snowden feels 'vindicated' that NSA revelations raised questions on surveillance


UN Ambassador Power: U.S. engaged in 'relentless' diplomacy in South Sudan


UN Security Council votes to double peacekeeping mission in South Sudan


News Wrap: Christmas Eve celebrated around the world; Airstrikes in Syria


Why generic drugs don't necessarily mean lower prices


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