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News Wrap: Yanukovich defies opponents with plan for Russian economic union


Tricking the brain with transformative virtual reality


Wave of Congressional retirements open up opportunity for both parties


White House press corps pushes for more Obama photo opportunities


Philippines disaster inspires 'typhoon' of aid activity to meet basic needs


Would new NSA oversight recommendations adversely slow down intelligence?


Federal Reserve announces pull back on stimulus as Bernanke nears end of tenure


News Wrap: Senate gives final approval to two-year budget agreement


Living micro: Single residents embrace tiny apartments


The art of bringing British drama to American screens with 'Masterpiece'


Women suspected of abortion in El Salvador face criminal charges, jail time


Conflict over Ukraine's future underscores rivalry between two ways of life


Putin's economic bailout for Ukraine angers protesters supportive of EU deal


Should doctors be paid by pharmaceutical companies to promote their drugs?


Tech titans visit White House to press case for surveillance reform


News Wrap: Senate clears way for final vote on bipartisan budget deal


How Johnny Cash spoke to the heart of America


Refugees fleeing violence in Syria confront dire conditions in Bulgaria


FDA examines safety and effectiveness of antibacterial soaps


To taper stimulus efforts? Examining the Fed's role in the economic recovery


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