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Internal splintering of Syrian rebel groups leads U.S., U.K. to suspend aid


News Wrap: Senate Democrats push to confirm judicial nominees


House lawmakers asked to 'find common ground' to pass bipartisan budget deal


Nobel economist Robert Shiller on how the stock market reflects psychology


How are Bernie Madoff's fraud victims coping five years later?


Looking back at Bernie Madoff's fraud scheme five years on


How 'flipped classrooms' are turning the traditional school day upside down


Pope Francis recognized as 'Person of the Year' for changing tone of the papacy


News Wrap: Health care enrollment three times higher in November than October


American scholar recalls honoring Nelson Mandela with a quilt of connection


Will flood of Kurdish refugees from Syria increase volatility in Iraq?


General Motors names company insider Mary Barra as first female CEO


News Wrap: Congressional negotiators reach two-year budget agreement


Carlos Santana on the conviction and charisma that inspired his rock career


Spelman College charts a new path by encouraging women in STEM studies


Seeing Syria's Islamist fighters through the eyes of a journalist


What's the U.S. role in calming Ukraine unrest?


As anti-government voices grow in Kiev, police begin cracking down on protests


Tech giants call for tighter limits on government surveillance


News Wrap: American Airlines, U.S. Airways merge into world's largest carrier


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