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Holiday cyber shopping rises while stores get more shoppers but smaller sales


News Wrap: Investigators conclude speed was a factor in N.Y. train derailment


Illinois pensions in peril


Ground Zero for climate change in Alaska


Is ready for its close-up?


Shields and Brooks on the pope's critique of capitalism, Thanksgiving gratitude


Can U.S., Pakistan move forward in building a 'reality-based relationship'?


Cassini spacecraft's cosmic photos bring the world 'along for the ride'


Worldreader aims to eradicate global illiteracy by giving children e-readers


How retailer pressure to compete for holiday dollars impacts workers, culture


Retailers offer shoppers early jump on Black Friday holiday discounts


News Wrap: Obama visits activists on hunger strike against immigration policy


How Norman Rockwell held a mirror up to American ambitions and common values


Exploring the economics of the first Thanksgiving


Chef, author Alice Waters on falling in love with food that's good for you


Politics of aid inside Syria increases suffering for those displaced by war


What role should the government play in the health care of its citizens?


Crackdown disappoints Egyptians expecting social justice from revolution


Latest law limiting demonstrations sparks outrage, protests among Egyptians


News Wrap: Americans at home, U.S. forces abroad celebrate Thanksgiving


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