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Eyewitness captures Polaroid of moment JFK was shot


Controversial case opens up discussion of abortion in Chile


Shields and Brooks on waning ACA confidence and its impact on liberal government


EPA weighs environmental consequences of ethanol with proposed cuts


In some states, more poor Americans get health care under expanded Medicaid


News Wrap: Japan reduces goal for fighting climate change


Insurers 'very cautious' about new move to extend canceled policies


For 'Portrait of Julia,' Robert MacNeil paints art-full tale


As negotiators ready for Iran talks, Obama asks Congress not to step up pressure


ATF head Jones reflects on agency's outdated technology, system vulnerabilities


Fed nominee Yellen defends stimulus efforts before Senate committee


As aid begins to reach some typhoon survivors, doctors face grim supply shortage


House members debate Obama's proposed fix to insurance cancellations


News Wrap: Iraq bombings target Shiites during a religious holiday


Obama moves to allow Americans to extend canceled health plans


How the Iran nuclear talks affect Israel's confidence in the U.S. as mediator


Efforts for Israeli-Palestinian talks complicated by tensions


New statin guidelines expand how doctors calculate which patients could benefit


Sick Americans find solace in health reform's pre-existing conditions guarantee


Initial ACA enrollment numbers come up short of expectations


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