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Americans afflicted with 'phantom noise' seek relief from ringing in their ears


Supreme Court tackles the separation of church and state in public prayer case


Urban politics shift with fresh faces elected mayor in America's largest cities


News Wrap: U.S. poverty rate doesn't budge, despite new measurement standard


How did Christie and McAuliffe win over voters in N.J., Va. governor races?


Discovery of Earth-like planets incites the search for intelligent life


Will M23 step-down set the stage for peace among armed groups in the Congo?


Airport workers in suburban Seattle take on living wage debate at the ballot box


How a ruling on toxic revenge could change the way treaties are enforced


Picasso, Matisse masterpieces uncovered in Munich after 70 years in hiding


Doctors' role in enhanced military interrogation 'clearly violates' ethics


Wash. voters weigh GMO labeling; Colo. votes on marijuana tax measure


One NYC family's struggle to survive on a fast food salary


How is the Morsi trial, Egypt unrest impacting U.S.-Mideast relations?


Ousted Egyptian president Morsi strikes defiant tone on first day in court


SAC Capital fined $1.8 billion for insider trading


News Wrap: Kerry aims to mend U.S.-Saudi relations


As street art grows more popular, is it losing its edge?


Can environmentalists and frackers be friends?


An executive order puts climate change up front


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