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Saudi women take to the road


Secret weapon against hacking: College students


What does piracy off Nigeria mean for global business?


Shields and Brooks on health care launch finger-pointing, spying on friends


N.Y. survivors of Sandy ditch the city to 'bug out' in preparation for doomsday


FDA plan to limit painkiller abuse may have impact for patients who need them


What are the diplomatic costs of the NSA surveillance revelations for the U.S.?


Fallout from NSA leaks threaten trust at home, damage relationships abroad


News Wrap: official says glitches to be cleared up by late Nov.


EU leaders Merkel, Hollande call for 'no spying' agreement with U.S.


Why Chinese protesters have resorted to self-immolation over urban construction


GOP can gain strength and the Senate by 'adhering to principles,' says Gillespie


Parents study up on how to improve college prospects for their children


Will fallout of 'spying on friends' allegations help change U.S. surveillance? contractors testify they warned of glitch risks before launch


News Wrap: President Obama urges Congress to take action on immigration reform


'President's Devotional' shares scripture that inspired Obama


Shellfish made poisonous by toxic algae may bloom into bigger problem


Young Detroiters unlock their inner poets, claim authorship of their experiences


Detroit bankruptcy eligibility case goes to trial


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