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J.P. Morgan's $13 billion penalty


Tight immigration rules divert high tech brains from Seattle to Santiago


Calls for Syrian conflict talks in Geneva


Shields and Brooks on who will come out ahead after the shutdown 'cease-fire'


Remembering Tom Foley with a look back at his time as House speaker


'Mind-boggling' skull discovery offers researchers a view into the ancient past


1.8 million-year-old skull may revise understanding of human evolution


What leadership qualities would Jeh Johnson bring to Homeland Security?


Glitches far from fixed for online insurance exchange shoppers


News Wrap: Saudi Arabia rebukes UN Security Council over Syrian conflict


Will Facebook change lead to an erosion of privacy rights for teens?


Gun safety advocates support 'smart' technology to prevent accidental deaths


Senator-elect Cory Booker: Our generation has no right to indulge in cynicism


News Wrap: CIA uses NSA data to track down targets, carry out drone strikes


Short-term spending deal reopens government, sets stage for budget battle ahead


Stanley Crouch recounts rise of jazz giant Charlie 'Bird' Parker


What parameters and 'thorny issues' are guiding nuclear talks with Iran?


No breakthroughs, but 'substantive' talks begin over Iran's nuclear interests


New Mexicans weigh slaughter of wild horses as solution to overpopulation


Italy's PM Letta: 'American leadership is needed' for Europe's economic growth


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