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News Wrap: JP Morgan to pay $100 million, admit traders acted 'recklessly'


While GOP 'picked a fight that they couldn't win,' Democrats emerge reunited


Jim Lehrer returns to haunting 'what if' in novel on the JFK assassination


Uncommon path to Medal of Honor ceremony for Afghan war hero Swenson


Model school aims to retrain teachers in ABCs of reading instruction


Known as the 'safest asset,' bond market braces for U.S. debt ceiling deadline


News Wrap: Al-Libi pleads not guilty to planning U.S. embassy bombings in Africa


Senate suspends negotiations pending 'more acceptable' plan from House GOP


Remembering Oscar Hijuelos, 62, Cuban-American 'king' of fiction


Trust issues, troop level commitment among roadblocks in Afghan security talks


Kerry, Karzai resolve parts of security deal but flounder on legal jurisdiction


Expanding access to education for Pakistan's poorest children


Will 'artificially imposed crises' have consequences for U.S. economic standing?


Impacted U.S. communities pay price of shutdown


Oklahomans grapple with growing shutdown impact as resources start to dry up


News Wrap: Nobel economics honors awarded to three Americans


What might both parties give up to 'escape' shutdown impasse?


Sens. Reid, McConnell both 'optimistic' shutdown deal can be reached


Alice McDermott invokes a voice little heard in life or literature for 'Someone'


Advocates rally on Capitol Hill to renew push for immigration reform


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