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News Wrap: Iranian parliament endorses Rouhani's diplomatic outreach to U.S.


President Obama summons congressional leaders to discuss shutdown stalemate


Rita Moreno reflects on life as an entertainer, stereotype roles in Hollywood


Marine Corps generals fired for negligence, 'pattern of failure' before attack


Netanyahu warns world must maintain Iran sanctions coupled with military threat


Opening day of insurance exchanges overwhelmed by online rush


Mass. exchange model shows vast coverage for citizens, high care costs for state


Why 'nobody blinked' in political showdown over budget spending


News Wrap: UN inspectors arrive in Syria to begin hunt for chemical weapons


Political deadlock drags on as Americans feel effects of government shutdown


How Promotion of Religious Freedom Can Help Prevent Extreme Violence


Pakistani Christians Targeted by Recent Violence, Blasphemy Law


Netanyahu Urges White House to Continue Iran Sanctions


California Reaches Out to Educate Latino Community on New Insurance Exchange


GOP Rep. Says Delaying Health Reform Is a 'Fairness Issue'


News Wrap: Justice Department Sues North Carolina Over New Voting Law


Pressure Mounting to Avert Shutdown, Lawmakers Stand Their Ground


In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students?


Explaining the New Obamacare Provisions


Behind the Scenes in the Battle Over the Budget


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