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News Wrap: House GOP Leaders Aim to Defund Health Reform Law


Pentagon Orders Review of Security at Military Facilities Worldwide


Unmapped Routes May Pose Dangers for Shipping Boom in Arctic Waters


Navigating the October Launch of Health Insurance Exchanges for Americans


Some Residents Find 'Nothing Salvageable' in Flood-Ravaged Colo. Communities


How Did Aaron Alexis Get Security Clearance to Be a Defense Contractor?


Navy Yard Tragedy Draws Attention to Who Has Access to Military Facilities


News Wrap: Former NOLA Cops Granted New Trial for Katrina Bridge Killings


Henry Paulson Wishes He Had Today's Regulatory Tools During His Treasury Tenure


Remembering the Day When the American Financial System Began to Crumble


With Summers Out of the Running, Who Will Be Tapped to Succeed Bernanke?


Free Syrian Army Chief: Foreign Weapon Donations Will Go Into the 'Right Hands'


Chemical Weapons Declaration May Offer 'First, Key Tipoff' of Assad's Intentions


U.S. and Russia Disagree on Consequences if Syria Doesn't Comply With Arms Deal


News Wrap: Colorado Floods Leave Hundreds Stranded


Witnesses Raise 'Security Vulnerabilities' Concerns at Navy Yard After Shooting


50 Years Ago, Baptist Church Bombing Shakes Nation


Innovative Art of Burning Man Ditches the Desert to Find New Life in Cities


Shields and Brooks on Kerry's Role in Syria Talks, Financial Crash Anniversary


How Latino Americans Have Shaped the U.S. and Fought for Acceptance


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