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Sen. Susan Collins: Syria Diplomatic Solution Should Be 'Aggressively Pursued'


U.S. and Russia Volley Over Diplomatic Solution to Syria's Chemical Arms


News Wrap: Four Men Convicted in India Gang Rape


Opening the Door for Low-Income Students to Overcome 'Aristocracy' of Higher Ed


News Wrap: Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Demands Moscow Mayor Recount


Polls: Few Americans Believe Strike Would Dissuade Future Chemical Warfare


Charlie Rose: 'Calm' Assad Denied Possession of Chemical Weapons


Obama: Diplomatic Solution to Syria 'Overwhelmingly My Preference'


Russia Backs Kerry's Call for Syria to Hand Over Chemical Weapon Stockpile


The Connection: Combating Homelessness


Will Congress Consider Immigration Reform?


White House Framing Syria as Moral Question


Natural Gas May Have Profound Impact on Israel's Geopolitics


The Connection: Contradictory Marijuana Laws


At Home in Zaatari: Life in a Syrian Refugee Camp


Can Past U.S. Military Engagements Shed Light on the Syria Conundrum?


Shields and Brooks on Syria as 'Test Case' for Obama's Credibility


Egyptians Opposed to Strike in Syria Dismiss Distinction of Chemical Weapons


Refugees Pour Out of Syria, but Number Entering Jordan Slows to Trickle


Documents Reveal NSA Can Crack Online Encryption, 'Last Bastion of Privacy'


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