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News Wrap: Dozens Dead After Car Bombings in Iraq, Lebanon


Grief and Disbelief After Crackdown Chaos in Egypt


Remembering Jack Germond, Stalwart of American Political Journalism


50 Years Ago, March on Washington Had More Radical Roots Than Remembered Today


Can a Computerized Test Measure Complex 'Common Core' Skills?


JP Morgan Inquiry Stays Open After Ex-Traders Charged for Massive Loss Cover-up


News Wrap: Israel, Palestinians Resume Peace Efforts in Jerusalem


Egyptian Authorities Seem 'Entrenched' Despite Bloody Turning Point in Conflict


State of Emergency in Egypt After Violent Response to Deadly Protest Crackdowns


Hollywood Ending for 'Ocean's 16' Lottery Winners in Hurricane-Hit Community


In Defining What Public School Students Should Know, Teachers Wonder 'How?'


Egypt Foreign Minister: Resolving Protest Stalemate Would Help Reconciliation


Egyptian Media Reports Government Divided on How to Handle Morsi Protests


New Yorkers Weigh Safety and Harassment in 'Stop and Frisk' Police Policy


Is North Carolina's Voter ID Law 'Common Sense' Policy or Discrimination?


News Wrap: Israel Moves Ahead With Housing Construction Plan Despite Criticism


Justice Department: Anti-Competitive Airline Merger Will Make Flight Prices Soar


Do License Plate Readers Prevent Crime or Create Privacy Abuses?


In Court, James 'Whitey' Bulger Reacted to Convictions 'Like a Poker Player'


Broken Bolts Is Latest Woe for Late, Over Budget and Earthquake-Prone Bay Bridge


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