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Russia's Anti-Gay Laws Are Part of Larger National Crackdown on Dissent


News Wrap: NYC's 'Stop and Frisk' Policy Is Discriminatory, Judge Says


Holder Calls for New Approach to Prosecuting Low-Level Drug Crimes


We're Not Kid-ding: Goats Graze Historic Capitol Hill Graveyard


Hot, Dry Winds Help Spread Deadly Valley Fever Infections


Brooks and Marcus on Obama's Surveillance Stance, Prospects for the Post


Facing Bankruptcy Unknowns, Detroiters Take Revitalization Into Their Own Hands


U.S. Looks for Serious Interest From Russia in Working Together


Kerry, Hagel Make Effort to Mend Relations With Russia


News Wrap: U.S. Staff Moved to Pakistan Capital After Threat to Lahore Consulate


Obama Vows More Transparency in Response to Scrutiny Over Surveillance Programs


Do Apps That Advertise Learning Make Your Baby Smarter? Advocacy Group Says No


Local Officials Lead Revolution to Make American Cities More Livable


In 'Collision 2012,' an Outside-In Look at Wider Forces That Shaped the Election


There's No Place Like Home: Seniors Hold on to Urban Independence Into Old Age


Henrietta Lacks' 'Immortal' Impact on Research Now Extends to Patient Consent


News Wrap: A Thousand Firefighters Battle Wildfire in Southern California


Fukushima Reinforces Worst Fears for Japanese Who Are Anti-Nuclear Power


Japan May Create Frozen Ground Barrier to Stop Radioactive Leak in Fukushima


'Fruitvale Station' Recalls Real Life Drama of Oakland Man's Final Hours


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