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Threat of al-Qaida Attack Keeps U.S. Diplomatic Posts Closed


News Wrap: U.S. Joins Efforts to Mediate Egypt's Political Conflict


Biggest Single-Day Doping Bust in MLB History Benches A-Rod, 12 Other Players


Researchers Steer Off Course to Show Potential Power of 'GPS Spoofing'


Brooks and Marcus on Unfinished Business as Congress Leaves for August Break


While White Americans Feel 'Ceiling Effect,' Blacks and Latinos Find Aspiration


Pacific Northwest Weighs Environmental Risks of Cashing in on Coal Export Market


State Department Travel Alert Reflects Increased Turmoil, Resurgent al-Qaida


Gov. Markell: Hiring More People With Disabilities Is Good for the Bottom Line


News Wrap: Defense Rests in Trial for 'Whitey' Bulger, Who Calls Trial a 'Sham'


July Report Shows Jobs Added but Economic Recovery May Be Slowing Down


Sens. McCaskill, Ayotte: Keep Military Sexual Assault Cases in Chain of Command


During FBI's Mueller Era, 9/11 Elevated Priority of Intelligence and Prevention


Syrian Conflict in Stalemate, Both Sides Wage 'Image War' to Keep Up Morale


Syria's Assad Predicts War Victory for His Forces Despite Rebel Attack on Homs


NSA Collects 'Word for Word' Every Domestic Communication, Says Former Analyst


News Wrap: Ariel Castro Faces Life Sentence Plus 1,000 Years for Rape, Murder


Despite Tension Over Snowden, U.S. and Russia Seem Reluctant to Upset Diplomacy


Russia Grants Snowden Asylum, Which U.S. Dubs an 'Extreme Disappointment'


Organization Fights to Unravel India's Widespread Child Labor Abuses


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