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USDA Releases New Rules for Snacks Sold at Schools


New Battlegrounds Ahead in Fight Over Same-Sex Marriage


Federal Agencies Move to Comply With Supreme Court Ruling on DOMA


Performing Artists Compete, Move, Adapt in Tough Economy


Reflecting on U.S. Presence, Policy and Performance in Africa


Pres. Obama Kicks Off Africa Tour in Senegal


News Wrap: U.S. Suspends Bangladesh Trade Benefits


Bipartisan Senate Majority Passes Landmark Immigration Reform


Tensions Mount as Egyptian President Morsi Addresses Nation


In Texas, Marathon Filibuster Derails New State Restrictions on Abortion


Hot, Dry Winds Help Spread Deadly Valley Fever Infections


How Does Court's Decisions on Gay Marriage Impact State and U.S. Law?


News Wrap: Border Security Amendment Gets Formal Senate Approval


Gay Rights Advocates Score Supreme Court Victories on Same-Sex Marriage


Actress and Singer Audra McDonald Feels at Home in Whirlwind of New Challenges


Colorado Struggles to Educate, Enroll Residents in New Health Insurance Exchange


Reactions to the White House Proposal to Curb Climate Change


Obama Moves to Limit Greenhouse Gases Emissions Through Executive Order


Can Congress Design a Successor to Struck-Down Provision of Voting Rights Act?


News Wrap: Russia Refuses to Turn Snowden Over to U.S. Authorities


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