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In 5-4 Vote, Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Provision of the Voting Rights Act


Local Officials Lead Revolution to Make American Cities More Livable


Opening Statements Begin in Trayvon Martin Murder Trial


Despite U.S. Pressure, Countries Have 'Substantial Discretion' on Extradition


Diplomatic Storm Brewing Over Whistleblower Snowden's Whereabouts


What Does the Supreme Court Decision Mean for Affirmative Action's Future?


News Wrap: Immigration Bill Clears Hurdle in Senate


Supreme Court Sends Texas Affirmative Action Case Back to Lower Court


For One Gay Christian, a Search for Understanding While Hanging on to Faith


Shields and Brooks on Farm Bill Failure, Obama in Berlin


Exploring the Psychology of Wealth, 'Pernicious' Effects of Economic Inequality


Should Immigrants Be Required to Learn English?


News Wrap: Monsoon Ravages Northern India


In Brazil, Enormous Stadiums Stand as Symbol of Protesters' Frustration


One Million Protesters Fill Brazil's Streets to Vent Anti-Government Grievances


Finding the Connection Between Prosperity, Compassion and Happiness


HPV Vaccine Dramatically Cuts Number of Infections in Teen Girls


Wall Street Feels Pain of China's Credit Crunch, Federal Reserve Uncertainty


News Wrap: U.S. House Fails to Pass Farm Bill


Senators Near Key Compromise on Beefed-Up Border Security


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