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Obama Announces IRS Resignation, Promises Safeguards and Oversight Cooperation


Boston Attacks Inspire Use of Surveillance Cameras in Cities Nationwide


New Sexual Assault Allegations Against Those Charged With Prevention, Protection


News Wrap: White House Releases 100 Pages of Emails and Notes on Benghazi Attack


Republicans Demand Action, Jail Time for Those Responsible for IRS Scandal


Book Explores Societal Transfer of Power From Big Institution to Active Citizen


Incident With Diplomat Occurs as U.S. Seeks Russian Help on Boston Attacker


Russia Arrests U.S. Diplomat on Spying Accusations


In India, Organization of Learning Centers Seeks to Spark Enthusiasm for School


Was Seizure of AP's Phone Records Justified or Harmful to Press Freedom?


Justice Department Seized AP Phone Records to Track Government Leaks


News Wrap: Abortion Doctor Convicted for Murdering Babies Gets Life Sentence


Disclosures About Involvement in IRS Targeting Draw Calls for Transparency


New Anthology Celebrates 'Ascent' of African-American Poets


Inside the Landmark Genocide Conviction of Guatemala's Efraín Ríos Montt


Guatemala's Rios Montt Found Responsible in Massacre of Mayan Indians


Voters in Pakistan Surprise Pundits, Pick 'Traditional Choice' in Sharif


Still Counting Votes, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Party on a Course to Majority


Supreme Court Unanimously Rules to Uphold Monsanto's Soybean Patent


Philadelphia Abortion Dr. Kermit Gosnell Guilty of First-Degree Murder


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