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Treasury Secretary Lew on Long-Term Unemployment, Party Divide on Spending Cuts


Cleveland Kidnapping Victims Lived in 'Dungeon-Like' Environment


Missing Ohio Women Reunite With Their Families as Suspected Captor Is Charged


News Wrap: White House May Revamp Wiretap Laws


House Hearing Is Latest Chapter in Political Dispute Over Benghazi Attack


Communities Prepare for Sequester Cuts to Staffing and Social Programs


Hey, Look at This! San Francisco's Exploratorium Boasts Fun, Interactive Science


South Korea May Be Growing Less Tolerant of Pyongyang's Provocations


Threat of Escalation by North Korea Looms Over Summit With Park Geun-hye


News Wrap: Three Missing Cleveland Women Found After Being Captives for 10 Years


Report on Military's Growing Number of Sexual Assaults Draws Presidential Rebuke


In Poland, Pursuing Valuable Energy Deep in the Earth Fuels Dissent Above Ground


New Printable Handgun Raises Concerns for Undetectability, Universal Access


Texas Law Student Creates Plastic Gun That Fires Real Bullet From 3-D Printer


Maine School Engages Kids With Relevant Problem-Solving Challenges


SEC Considering New Rule for Political Contributions by Public Companies


News Wrap: Bomb Attacks in Iraq Kill at Least 10 People


Can the U.S. Avoid 'Slippery Slope' to Deeper Engagement in Syria?


Israel Targets Syrian Military Complex Outside Damascus


Patience, Practice and Presence: How Michael Pollan Fell in Love With Cooking


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