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News Wrap: Taliban Suicide Bombers Dressed as Officers Kill 53 in Afghanistan


For North Korea, Economic and Strategic Significance in Kaesong Closing


North Korea Bars South Korean Workers From Jointly Owned Factories


Poet Gerald Stern Looks Back on a Career Spent Reading and Writing


Atlanta Teachers Surrender for Crimes Related to Doctoring of Test Scores


Former Sen. Olympia Snowe: It's Time for Voters to 'Reward' Bipartisanship


Assessing North Korea's Ability to Weaponize as Kim Jong-un Sends Stark Message


North Korea Promises to Restart Plutonium Reactor


News Wrap: UN Adopts Global Arms Trade Treaty


Why Facebook Went Red and Pink Over Same-Sex Marriage


An Awakening in India to Scourge of Violence Against Women


Texas Rocked by District Attorney Shooting


News Wrap: Dense Fog Precipitates Deadly Car Pileup in Viriginia


Discerning Reality From Rhetoric in North Korea's Threats


Korean Peninsula Engages in War of Words Over Military Action Threats


Shields and Brooks Discuss Shifting Values on Gay Marriage, Gun Control


Novel Offers Mock How-to on Finding Success in 'Rising Asia'


Returning Veterans Face Huge Backlog, Disorganization in Fight for Benefits


EPA Advances New Proposal for Cleaner Gas Emissions


News Wrap: Dozens of Atlanta Educators, Former Chief Indicted for Cheating


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