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Rep. Paul Ryan Offers 'Opening Bid' on Budget Plan


Japanese Town Hit Hard by Natural and Nuclear Disaster Imagines Renewable Future


Law Lags Behind in Defining Posthumous Protocol for Online Accounts


Western Allies Have 'Muted' Response to Kenya's Presidential Election


Political Unease Endures in Kenya Despite Fairly Peaceful Elections


News Wrap: Judge Strikes Down NYC Sugary Drink Ban


New Tensions Crop Up Between U.S. and Afghanistan as Major Transitions Loom


American Soldiers Gunned Down in Afghanistan in Insider Attack


A Writer Reflects on the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, Two Years Later


Brooks and Marcus Discuss Washington's Effect on the Economy, Budget Deal Hopes


Venezuela Celebrates Lasting Legacy of Divisive President Chavez


Examining the Decision to Put Sulaiman Abu Ghaith on Trial


Son-in-Law of Bin Laden Pleads Not Guilty in New York Civilian Court


News Wrap: North Korea Cancels Non-Aggression Pact


February Brings Drop in Unemployment, Best Job Report in Four Years


Arkansas Abortion Law Bans Procedures After 12 Weeks of Pregnancy


Pakistani Man Seeks Justice, Resolution for Family's Honor Killing


As UN Levels New Sanctions, Pyongyang Threatens Pre-emptive Nuclear Attack


Pelosi: For Budget Deal, 'Let's Talk' About Ensuring Strength of Entitlements


News Wrap: U.S. Captures Bin Laden Spokesman to Face Terror Charges


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