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Is Discrimination History Provision of Voting Rights Act Still Relevant?


Supreme Court Hears Arguments Against Key Provision of Voting Rights Act


Gloria Steinem: Women Can't 'Have It All' Until There's Equality


Memories of Violence Haunt Upcoming Presidential Election in Kenya


Case on Police Collecting DNA From Criminals Reaches Supreme Court


Did Embattled Confirmation Process Weaken New Defense Secretary Hagel?


News Wrap: Iran Nuclear Negotiations Get Reboot


Fed Chair Bernanke Warns Lawmakers Sequester Could Slow Economic Recovery


Does the White House Use Social Media to Circumvent the Press?


New Allegations Arise Against Vatican Ahead of Papal Elections


Senior British Cardinal Resigns Over Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior


India Organizes One of Largest Citizen Registration Drives Ever to Issue IDs


Sen. Leahy: Time for U.S. and Cuba to Discuss Relationship, 'Realities of Today'


Adding Up and Breaking Down Health Care's Big Price Tags


News Wrap: Italian Political Instability Prompts Wall Street Tumble


Steencamp Death Sheds Light on Violence Against Women in South Africa


Olympian Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail in Girlfriend's Murder Case


Gun Violence Is Public Health Crisis in Chicago


China Looms as Main Concern in Meeting Between Obama, Japan's Abe


News Wrap: FDA Approves Breast Cancer Drug


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