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Transportation Secretary Warns Sequestration Would Disrupt Air Travel


Oscar Front-Runners and Wild Cards in a 'Good Year' for Grown-Up Movies


Student Voices Chime in on Preventing School Shootings


Fighting Over Concealed Firearm Rules in Gun-Friendly Florida


Powerful Car Bomb Attack Kills More Than 50 People in Damascus


Republican Governors Rethink Opposition to Medicaid Expansion


News Wrap: Middle U.S. Blasted by Winter Storm


CDC Report Offers Glimmer of Progress on Altering U.S. Obesity Trend


Scottish Island Discovery Digs Up New Information About Neolithic Religion


Will U.S. Forge Public-Private Partnership to Draw Brain Activity Map?


The Mind of a Rampage Killer


Justice Sotomayor Talks Life Before and on the Bench in 'My Beloved World'


News Wrap: Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty to Campaign Spending Fraud


Defense Secretary Panetta Warns Automatic Spending Cuts Could Mean Furlough


Conflicting Accounts of Reeva Steenkamp's Death Emerge in the Courtroom


Olympic Runner Oscar Pistorius Begins Bail Hearing for Girlfriend's Murder Trial


Supreme Court Case on Monsanto Seeds Tests Limitations of Patent Law


News Wrap: Armed Robbers Make Off With Haul of Diamonds in Belgium


U.S. Security Firm Report Says Chinese Hackers Targeted Over 140 Victims


More Evidence Chinese Military Unit Hacked Hundreds of U.S. Computer Systems


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