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Lawmakers Begin Contemplating Action for 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants


Chicago Program Aims to Close Achievement Gap for Youngest Students


After Dorner Police Standoff, Big Bear Community Feels Bittersweet Relief


Investigation Continues on Former L.A. Policeman on Deadly Shooting Spree


News Wrap: Treasury Nominee Lew Defends Citigroup Tenure at Confirmation


After State of the Union, Obama Begins Push to Raise Minimum Wage


Shields and Brooks: Using SOTU to Set Agenda, Tackle 'New Budget Reality'


Growing Demand for Palm Oil Drives Malaysia to Employ Child Migrant Workers


Navy SEAL Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Faces Insecurity, Financial Challenges


White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Offers State of the Union Preview


News Wrap: Shootout Between Ex-Cop, LAPD Kills Officer


Assessing the Threat of North Korea's Nuclear Program


United Nations, World Leaders Condemn North Korea's High-Level Nuclear Test


Novel Examines What It Takes to Protect a President From Assassination


What's Not to Like? Using the Facebook 'Like' to Connect, Commune, Endorse


Economic Problems Wash Ashore as Lake Michigan's Water Level Hits Record Low


Manhunt Continues for Fugitive Cop Wanted for Murder in California


News Wrap: Dozens Hurt in Mississippi Tornado


New Discoveries From NASA's 'Curiosity' Rover's Mission to Mars


White House, Cabinet Split on What to Do About Civil War in Syria


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