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Sebastian Junger on the consequences of not stepping in on Syria


Nature knows no borders. Border security can take a heavy toll on endangered wildlife


Remembering Jonathan Demme, acclaimed director of eclectic, edgy films


News Wrap: Michael Flynn accused of breaking the law by House Oversight leaders


As Trump softens border wall money demand, will other barriers derail spending bill?


Immigration crackdown fears fuel uncertainty for undocumented students


Website USAFacts offers a new way to follow your tax money


In dystopian ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ a warning for a new generation not to take rights for granted


This prom season, donated dresses help teens believe in themselves


News Wrap: Trump calls North Korea situation ‘unacceptable’


The biggest sticking points fueling government shutdown talk


Coal miners’ much-needed health care collides with budget showdown


How cutting off subsidy payments to insurance companies would affect Obamacare


As anti-establishment candidates advance, France’s political establishment unites against Le Pen


Deadly Taliban attack on Afghan base underscores insecurity


After life-shattering loss, Sheryl Sandberg reaches out to others in grief


Missouri’s blue-city, red-state divide over minimum wage


Scientists consider running for office


Trump grapples with campaign promises on environment


News Wrap: French government calls for calm after attack on police


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