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News Wrap: President Obama Talks Gun Violence Prevention With Police Chiefs


Bipartisan Senate Proposal on Immigration Reform Reflects Election Response


San Francisco on Track to Become Zero Waste City


Tensions Remain High as Malian Troops Advance Into Islamist Territory


At World Economic Forum, Talk of Future of European Union and the Euro


After Tight Elections, Israel's Netanyahu Works to Build Coalition


News Wrap: Obama Chooses Foreign Policy Adviser for New Chief of Staff


Court Rules Recess National Labor Relations Board Appointments Unconstitutional


Vice President Biden Finds New Venue to Talk Up Proposed Actions on Gun Violence


Is China's Fast-Growing Economy Headed for a Crash?


News Wrap: Obama Announces Two Nominations for Heads of Regulatory Agencies


A Look at GOP Congressional Priorities as U.S. House Forgoes Debt Ceiling Fight


Exploring Technology, Effectiveness, Consequences of Drone Warfare


Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Lifts Armed Services Ban on Women in Combat


In Light of Benghazi Hearings, Taking Stock of Arab Spring, North Africa Turmoil


News Wrap: Extreme Cold Whips Northeast and Midwest


Secretary of State Clinton Claims Fault for Benghazi Attack in Heated Hearing


The Debate on Abortion, Four Decades After Roe v. Wade


New Scan May Enable Better Diagnosis, Treatment for Athletes' Brain Damage


Narrow Victory for Netanyahu Shows Centrist Political Shift in Israel


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