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News Wrap: Secretary Ken Salazar Announces Departure From Interior Department


President Obama Unveils Ambitious 23-Point Gun Control Plan


More U.S. Troops Died by Suicide Than in Afghanistan Combat in 2012


California Gov. Jerry Brown Makes Tough Choices to Balance State Budget


Delaware Gov. Jack Markell Discusses His State's Plans to Address Gun Control


Obama to Announce Proposal for Restricting Availability of Guns, Ammunition


Fundraising Rules Change for 2013 Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies


How Eased Travel Restrictions for Cubans Affect Relationship With U.S.


Cuba Opens Travel Abroad for Most Citizens, Eliminating Exit Visa Requirement


Internet Innovator and Activist Aaron Swartz, 26, Faced Legal Trouble


Northern Mali Faces Political, Economic Crisis as Islamists Gain More Control


French Troops Aid Mali in Push Back of Islamic Militants


News Wrap: Military Suicides Outnumbered Combat Deaths in Afghanistan in 2012


Glimpsing Gadgets, Cutting Edge Technology at Consumer Electronics Show


Electrical Problems Cause Bumpy Ride for Boeing's 787


Boeing 787 Dreamline Incidents Prompt FAA to Make Comprehensive Review


News Wrap: In Wake of Pakistan Bombings, Calls for Better Protection


After Talks With Afghan Leader, U.S. Military to Expedite Shift to Support Role


President Karzai Visits Washington to Discuss U.S. Future in Afghanistan


'Zero Dark Thirty' Catches Criticism Over Torture Depictions and Accuracy


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