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News Wrap: Hillary Clinton Returns to Work After Illness, Blood Clot Scare


Lawmakers Promise Tough Questions for Defense, CIA Nominees


Shields and Brooks on New Year's Predictions, Budget Fights, Chuck Hagel


Firestorm of Criticism for Cabinet Nominee Front-Runner Chuck Hagel


Ohio Third Graders Face Retention Ultimatum: Learn to Read or Repeat the Year


End Not Yet in Sight, Syria's Two-Year Conflict Reaches Grim Milestone


Violence Escalates in Rebel-Government Fight Over Control of Damascus


News Wrap: FDA Proposes Strict New Safety Rules for Farmers, Food Companies


Last Jobs Report of 2012 Shows Slow Growth, Looming Economic Uncertainty


Encore: In El Salvador, Tooth Decay Blamed on Junk Food, Lack of Information


What Al Jazeera's Current TV Acquisition Means for American Media


Crumbling Pipes and Underground Waste: A Glimpse at Our Ailing Sewer System


Gang Rape in New Delhi Sparks 'Soul Searching' for Treatment of Women


What Immigrants Can Teach the Rest of America about Health, Happiness and Hope


Manufacturer Vita Needle Finds Investment in Older Workers Turns a Big Profit


Why Violent Attacks on Humanitarian Workers Are on the Rise in Pakistan


Teachers and Aid Workers Murdered by Pakistan Militants Who Oppose Polio Efforts


News Wrap: UN Reports 60,000 Dead in Syria Since Civil War Began Two Years Ago


Divided House Republicans Stall Vote on Storm Relief Aid for Sandy Victims


How Congress Passed a Plan to Avoid the 'Fiscal Cliff'


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