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Rooting Out Waste in Health Care by Taking Cue From Toyota Assembly Lines


Sen.-elect Deb Fischer on Spending, Gun Control and Bipartisanship


School of Wine: Training Students for Jobs in Washington State's Wine Industry


News Wrap: U.S. and World Welcomes 2013 with New Year Celebrations


What Will History Books Have to Say About 2012?


Why After-School Jobs Keep Young Adults in School


In New E-Book, a Chronicle of the '34 Days That Decided' the 2012 Election


News Wrap: Nearly Two Dozen Die in Violence Targeting Shiite Communities in Iraq


Deadline Day Arrives: Congress 'Very Close' to Tax Deal, Unresolved on Deficit


Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, 78, 'Stormin' Commander in Persian Gulf War


Can Rocketship Launch a Fleet of Successful, Mass-Produced Schools?


Across Caste and Religion, Indian Women Share Sense of Powerlessness Over Rape


In India, a Fatal Gang Rape Sparks Violent Protests, Demands for More Protection


News Wrap: U.S. Economy Dodges Blow as Longshoremen Settle Union Dispute


Lawmakers Meet With President in Last-Ditch Effort to Avert the 'Fiscal Cliff'


Recession May Take Wind Out of San Francisco's Economic Hopes for America's Cup


As EPA Chief Steps Down, an Evaluation of Obama's Environmental Policy So Far


A Tea Party Take on U.S. Debt, Federal Budget Deal Negotiations


Under Austerity, Greeks Feel Unfolding Social and Humanitarian Crisis


In Response to Sanctions, Russia Aims to Bar U.S. Adoptions of Russian Children


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