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ElBaradei: Egypt's Draft Constitution Will 'Institutionalize Instability'


Egyptian Opposition Activists Makes Accusations of Referendum Voting Fraud


News Wrap: Christmas Celebrated Around the World


Spate of Christmas Eve Attacks Recharge National Conversation on Gun Violence


'My Mom Grabbed Me and Held Me as Tight as She Could': Kids React to Newtown


Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Finding Community Solutions to Gun Violence


Shields and Gerson on Cabinet Noms, Gun Laws, Boehner's Leadership


Congress Goes Home for the Holidays After House GOP Spurns Boehner's Plan


NRA Rejects Calls for New Gun Laws, Advocates Armed Guards in Schools


News Wrap: On Eve of Final Referendum Vote, Opponents Clash in Alexandria


The Remaking of Obama Foreign Policy Team: Sen. John Kerry Up for Sec. of State


'Tis the Season, But Should We Save or Spend? A Holiday Money Conundrum


Hearings on Benghazi Attack Focus on Painful Lessons, Priorities, Party Politics


Understanding Why Delivering Aid Can Be a Dangerous Endeavor


Program on Polio Eradication Suspended in Pakistan After 9 Aid Workers Killed


News Wrap: Sen. Daniel Inouye Lies in State at Capitol Rotunda


House GOP Opt for 'Plan B': Little Chance of Agreement Before Christmas


Remembering Robert Bork: Law-and-Order Conservative, Supreme Court Nominee Judge


Sen. Joe Lieberman Reflects on 24 Years in the Senate, Sandy Hook, Partisanship


As Fighting Continues in Damascus, Syrians Still Seek Sense of Normal Life


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