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Providing Appropriate Security at Embassies and Preventing Future Attacks Abroad


Report Finds State Dept. at Fault for 'Systemic Failures' of Benghazi Security


News Wrap: Obama Urges GOP to 'Peel Off Partisan War Paint' for Fiscal Fix


Examining the Efficacy and Limitations of Gun Control Laws to Stop Violence


President Obama Declares Gun Control Will Be a 'Central Issue' of Second Term


Words of Hope and Healing After Crisis: Message From Mr. Rogers Goes Viral


Remembering Sen. Daniel Inouye, 88, Hawaii Statesman Since State's Birth


Loved and Loathed, Polarizing Indian Political Figure Modi Seeks Re-Election


Newtown Community Seeks Meaning, Connection and Change After Mass Shooting


Gun Rights Supporter Sen. Mark Warner Says Tighter Firearms Laws Needed


News Wrap: Syrian Warplanes Bomb Refugee Camp to Fend Off Rebel Offensives


Kids Need Sense of Normalcy, Reassurance They Are Not Alone in Time of Crisis


Makeshift Memorials, Flags at Half-Staff Mark State of Mourning in Newtown


News Wrap: Two Dead, More Than a Dozen Wounded in Afghanistan Car Bombing


Sen. Dianne Feinstein Readies to Reintroduce Expired Assault Weapons Ban


Funerals Begin for Shooting Victims of Sandy Hook, New Details on Shooter Lanza


Polarized Egypt Protests and Prepares for Referendum Vote on Constitution


More Than 100,000 Young Immigrants Granted Temporary Reprieve From Deportation


News Wrap: US Contributes Troops, Missiles to NATO Protection for Turkey


Offering Protection and Comfort for Kids in the Wake of Latest Shooting Tragedy


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