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How Tragic Events Unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut


Obama and Boehner Meet Again; President Disappointed Over Rice Decision


Outgoing U.S. Envoy on Afghanistan and Pakistan Progress, Dialogue With Taliban


Afghan and Pakistani Officials Meet to Discuss Border Conflicts and the Taliban


Lawmakers Consider Raising Medicare Age of Eligibility as Budget Compromise


Poll Shows Among Public President Obama Has Strong Hand for Budget Negotiations


News Wrap: Susan Rice Withdraws From Consideration for Secretary of State


Russian Diplomat Urges Political Deal in Syria to Avoid Unending Civil Conflict


Sitar Virtuoso Ravi Shankar, 92, Popularized Indian Music for Western Audiences


Alan Simpson's Social Media Appeal for Budget Discussion; Pope Joins Twitter


Science and Politics Behind North Korea's Long-Range Missile Test


Defying International Warnings, North Korea Celebrates Successful Rocket Launch


Anti-Tax Crusader Grover Norquist Compares Balanced Approach to 'Pink Unicorns'


News Wrap: Egyptian Army Calls Off National Unity Talks


As Syrian Rebels Receive Endorsement, Will They Also Get Military Assistance?


International Governments Including US Formally Recognize Syrian Rebel Coalition


How to Protect Against the Dangers of Mobile Apps That Gather Kids' Data


Art, China and Censorship According to Ai Weiwei


British Bank HSBC Makes $2 Billion Settlement on Money Laundering Charges


Fiscally Conservative Democrat Rep. Allyson Schwartz Discusses Budget Options


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