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Young People Make Up More Than a Quarter of New HIV Cases in the U.S.


Utah Makes Deal For Private Gas Drilling on Pristine Public Land


How U.S.-Mexico Relations May Shift Under President-Elect Enrique Pena Nieto


Obama Meets Mexican President-Elect Nieto to Discuss War on Drugs, Immigration


News Wrap: Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice Addresses Vocal Senate Critics


Young Voters Played Critical Role in Obama Re-Election Despite Dip in Support


Quileute 'Twilight' Tribe Deals With Rising Sea Levels That Threaten Way of Life


Egyptians Debate Accountability for Democratically-Elected Presidents


Egyptian Protests Persist as Morsi Defends Powers Free From Judicial Review


News Wrap: Protests Erupt After Bangladesh Factory Fire Kills at Least 112


Cyber Monday Likely to Be Biggest Online Shopping Day in U.S. History


After Sandy, Poet Describes 'What It Means to Stand in the Rubble of Your Life'


Iran Cracks Down on Dissidents, Human Rights Attorneys and Journalists


Senator-Elect Tim Kaine 'Heartened' by Openness to Bipartisan Budget Solutions


Neighbor Turkey's Reluctant Role in Syrian Civil War


News Wrap: Israeli Troops Fire at Palestinians Surging Gaza Border Fence


As Egypt's Constitution Waits in Limbo, Mohammed Morsi Grabs More Power


Protesters and Police Clash After Egypt's President Grants Himself New Powers


Book Offers Portrait of Prolific Photographer Who Captured Native American Lives


How 'Black Friday' Morphed Into 'Gray Thursday'


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