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News Wrap: Syria Airstrikes Kill at Least 15, Damage Key Civilian Medical Center


Cease-Fire Holds For Israel and Gaza, But Both Prepared to Act If Provoked


Poet Joy Harjo Shares Words of Celebration and Memory for Thanksgiving


Climate Change Causes Insurers to Rethink Price of Risk After Hurricane Sandy


Big Donors Saw Diminishing Returns in Most Expensive Election in History


Civil War Next Door: Syrian Conflict Tests Neighbor Turkey


With Cease-Fire, Examining Prospects for Lasting Peace in Middle East


News Wrap: Congolese Soldiers and Policemen Defect to Rebels Side


To End Violence, Israel and Gaza Leave Negotiation Sticking Points for Later


Israel and Hamas Agree to Cease-Fire After Enduring Bus Bomb and Airstrikes


High School Coach Tells Football Team, 'Don't Go to Study Hall, You Don't Play'


White House Sets New Insurance Rules for Benefits Coverage


Protecting New York From Future Superstorms as Sea Levels Rise


U.S. House Races Were Quiet Compared to High Profile White House, Senate Fights


News Wrap: Syrian Rebels Seize Control of Military Base on Outskirts of Aleppo


Players in Israel-Gaza Truce Talks Face 'Complicating' Regional Realities


Hillary Clinton Arrives in Mideast Intent on Brokering End to Escalated Violence


Maine's Incoming Independent Senator Angus King on Caucusing With the Dems


Future Unclear for Superstorm Sandy Victims Dealing with Insurance Woes


With President Obama's Visit, Myanmar Looks Towards Greater Democracy


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