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President Obama Travels to Myanmar, Saluting a Long Struggle for Freedom


For Syrians Enduring the Harsh Conditions of War, Turkey Acts as Lifeline


News Wrap: Congolese Troops, M-23 Rebel Fighters Clash After Peace Efforts Fail


Egypt Hopes to Help Broker Cease-Fire, If Not Peace Between Israel and Hamas


As Gaza and Tel Aviv Remain Under Fire, Diplomatic Efforts Begin on Truce


Daily Download: Obama Spent 10 Times as Much on Social Media as Romney


Campaigns Get Lower Scores From Americans Grading 2012 Presidential Race


Colo. Voters Legalize Pot, But State Is Anxious Over U.S. Government's Reaction


Syrian Civilians, Caught in Middle of Civil War, 'Feel Abandoned' by the West


News Wrap: Iran Soon Able to Double Production of Weapons-Grade Enriched Uranium


How Did Latest Escalation Between Israel and Hamas Begin?


Hamas Fires Rockets At Jerusalem, Israel Readies Troops and Tanks at Gaza Border


'Occupy Sandy' Movement Focuses on Offering Help to Storm Victims in New York


New Chinese Leaders Affirm Nationalist Ideals Rather Than Reform


Xi Jinping Confirmed as Next Leader for China's Communist Party and Military


The Power of Sleep: Why Humans Can't Stop Snoozing


BP to Pay Largest Fine in U.S. History, Admit Guilt in Gulf Oil Spill Settlement


News Wrap: Former CIA Director Petraeus Denies Leaking Classified Materials


Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Michael Oren: Israel Plans to 'Protect Its Citizens'


Hamas Launches Rockets at Tel Aviv, Israel Plans for Gaza Military Offensive


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