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In One Family's Tragic Meningitis Story, Support for More Policing of Pharmacies


Longstanding Tensions Between Israel and Palestinians See Major Escalation


Israel Launches Airstrikes on Gaza City, Killing Hamas Military Chief


What Happens When U.S. Military Leaders Fail to Live Up to High Expectations


News Wrap: Rep. Nancy Pelosi Will Retain Role as House Minority Leader


Obama Addresses Press on Budget Concerns, Syria, Immigration and Climate Change


Food for 9 Billion: Satisfying China's Growing Demand for Meat


Progressive Groups Weigh In on President Obama's Plans to Prevent Sequestration


Congress Returns to Washington to Aim For Balanced Budget in Lame-Duck Session


Iraq Veteran's War Fiction Taps Personal Experience


Honoring Soldiers Who Fought and Died in the Recent Afghanistan and Iraq Wars


While Schools Are Closed, N.J. Teachers Provide Support for Young Storm Victims


Does States' Ratification of Same-Sex Marriage Signify Lasting Cultural Shift?


News Wrap: Israeli Tanks Fire Retaliatory Shells Into Syria for Second Time


As Details Emerge on Petraeus Affair, Fallout May Echo Far Beyond Resignation


Shields and Brooks Talk Petraeus, Fiscal Cliff and Obama's Emotional Gratitude


New Jersey Residents Suffer Cold and Dark as Many Still Lack Power After Storms


David Petraeus Resigns From CIA After Revealing Extramarital Affair


News Wrap: Supreme Court to Review Challenge of Voting Rights Act of 1965


Will Taxes Be Sticking Point in Debate Over How to Tackle Federal Budget?


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