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A Day Before Election, Presidential Candidates Make Final Push in Battlegrounds


Shields and Brooks on Latino Voters, Last-Minute Election Factors


Immigration Is Hot Topic in Iowa, Overlooked by Presidential Campaigns


As Civilian Casualties Rise, Syrian Children Attend Class in Secret Schools


Northeast Storm Victims Begin to Lose Patience at Lack of Basic Needs


News Wrap: EPA Charges Korean Automakers Overstated Cars' Fuel Economy


Slow Growth Is Biggest Economic Challenge Facing Incoming President


Campaigns Push Last-Minute Pleas on Twitter, Track Voter Online Browsing History


Democrat Has Competitive Chance to Win Open Senate Seat in Arizona


Outside Groups Outspending Political Campaigns in Competitive Senate Races


Candidates, Spouses, Surrogates Stretch Out Across Seven States in Final Push


News Wrap: Cyclone Hits Southern India, Forcing 150,000 to Seek Shelter


Apple and Google Compete to Build, Maintain More Perfect Digital Mapping System


Supreme Court Devotes Day to Hear Cases on Drug-Sniffing Dogs and Privacy Rights


Winning Fiercely-Divided Wisconsin Will Come Down to Candidates' Ground Game


Is Sandy a 'Cassandra'? How Cities Should Prepare for Future Natural Disasters


News Wrap: Eurozone Reports Record High Unemployment


Northeast Copes With Devastating Damage, Widespread Power Outages After Sandy


New Nevada Congressional District Race Unleashes Big Money and Attacks


A Week Until Election Day, Campaigns Focus on Disaster Relief


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