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News Wrap: Damages From Sandy Estimated at $20 Billion


News Wrap: Supreme Court Hears Arguments Challenging Surveillance Law


Hurricane Sandy Hits East Coast, Expected to Affect 50 Million-Plus Americans


New Erdrich Novel Deals With Crime and Jurisdiction on North Dakota Reservation


Shields and Brooks on the Importance of Ohio, Microtargeting Voters


As the Economy Booms in Northeast Ohio, Which Candidate Will Reap the Benefit?


With Windows 8, Microsoft Makes Big Shift Away From PCs Towards Tablets


News Wrap: Hurricane Sandy Could Spawn Super Storm on East Coast Next Week


The Good, the Bad and the Politics Behind the Latest Government Economic Report


Syrian Civil War Threatens Destruction, Looting of Ancient Aleppo Heritage


Why Hasn't the Euro Debt Crisis Been a More Prominent Campaign Topic?


'Red Ink' in the Federal Budget: Understanding Why the U.S. Has So Much Debt


News Wrap: Hurricane Sandy Beats Path Through Cuba, Heads Toward Florida


Battleground Strategy: Candidates Use Huge Funds to Target Ads to Undecideds


Shifting Sands for Saudi Arabia's Future: A Peek Inside the Closed Kingdom


Alternative Presidential Candidates Face Off in Third Party Debate in Chicago


Housing and the Foreclosure Crisis Are Missing From the Campaign Conversation


News Wrap: European Union Nations' Government Debt at Record High


Obama and Romney Barnstorm Swing States in Closing Stage of Presidential Race


Collage of Sound, 'Furniture' of Imagination: Philip Glass Classic Gets Revival


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