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Congressional Sequestration Squabble Has Local Economic Resonance in Virginia


From 'Apology Tour' to Bayonets: Fact-Checking the Debate on Foreign Policy


News Wrap: Tunisia Marks Year Anniversary of Free Elections


After Armstrong's Cycling Ban, Some 'Livestrong' Donors Want Their Money Back


Lance Armstrong's Fall From Grace Is Not Unique Among Modern Athletes


Foreign Policy Debate May Help Voters Discern Candidates' Differences


News Wrap: At Least Seven Dead in Sectarian Gun Battles in Lebanon


Shields and Brooks Preview 2012 Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy


Former Regulator Bair Recounts Behind the Scenes of Financial Crisis, Bailouts


Freezing Human Eggs for In Vitro Fertilization No Longer Experimental Procedure


New Wrap: Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan Kills 19 Civilians En Route to Wedding


Syrian Crisis Inflames Lebanon-Syria Tensions as Lebanese Blame Assad for Bomb


Memories of Civil War Reignited in Beirut After Car Bomb Kills at Least Eight


New Collection Listens in on President Kennedy's Secret White House Tapes


Daily Download: Social Media and Mobile Devices Key to Viewer Debate Digestion


Female Candidates Seek Rematches with Male Opponents in N.H., Court Women Voters


Could the U.S. Face 'Cyber Pearl Harbor'? Protecting Banks from Hacker Attacks


News Wrap: Boy Scouts' 'Perversion Files' Document Decades of Sexual Abuse


More Debt, Fewer Jobs: How the Candidates Plan to Solve Rising Costs of College


Recession May Take Wind Out of San Francisco's Economic Hopes for America's Cup


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