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Putting Candidates' Assertions of 'Getting Tough with China' in Context


Romney and Obama Argue Over Who Would be Tougher on China Trade Issues


Fact-Checking Debate Claims on Libya Attacks, Gas Prices and Tax Policy


News Wrap: FBI Arrests Suspect for New York Federal Reserve Bombing Plot


After Brisk Debate, Romney and Obama Appeal to Female Voters in Swing States


Former Sen. Arlen Specter, 82, Prioritized Law, Policy Over Party Affiliation


Austrian Daredevil Lands on His Feet After Supersonic Jump from the Stratosphere


Islamists Fighting with Syrian Rebels Get Arms from Saudi Arabia and Qatar


Dems Look to Hold Senate Majority, GOP Tries to Wrest Control in Key Races


In Blue Bay State, Senate Candidates Stress Bipartisanship and Independence


News Wrap: U.S. Economists Win Nobel Prize for Innovation in Market Design


Super PACs Wage Political Ad Wars with Hundreds of Thousands of TV Spots


Shields and Brooks on Polls, Biden and Ryan Debate Style, and State of the Race


Political Polls, Professors and Election Markets Predict the Presidential Race


European Union Has Power to Address Continental Problems Collectively


European Union Honored with the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize


News Wrap: Hackers in Iran Likely Responsible for Cyber Attacks in Persian Gulf


How Are Women Responding to Candidates' Debate Policy, Tone and Body Language?


Both Campaigns Claim Victory After Spirited Match Between Biden and Ryan


Poet Sharon Olds' New Collection Mourns and Heals the End of a Marriage


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