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News Wrap: Activist for Girls' Education, 14, Shot by Taliban Gunman in Pakistan


Jerry Sandusky Sentenced to at Least 30 Years for Sexual Abuse of Young Boys


In 'Joseph Anton,' Salman Rushdie Writes Novelistically About His Own Life


Romney-Obama Race Tightens Up, Raising Stakes for Vice Presidential Debate


Stem Cell Scientists Gurdon and Yamanaka Win Nobel Prize in Medicine


Tainted Steroid Drugs Caused Deadly Meningitis Outbreak In Nine States


News Wrap: Investigation Continues on Security Factors in Libya Embassy Attack


Assessing Differences Between Obama's, Romney's Foreign Policy Platforms


Candidates Trade Attacks on Foreign Policy, Handling of Libya Attacks


Hugo Chavez Faces Serious Challenger in Venezuelan Presidential Elections


Shields and Brooks on Close Congressional Races, Obama's Debate Performance


Missouri Senate Seat in Play as Akin and McCaskill Fight for the Middle


News Wrap: California Gasoline Prices Spike Causing Panicked Rush to the Pumps


National Unemployment Falls Below 8 Percent, But Economic Recovery Still Far Off


Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera Wins Baseball's 'Triple Crown' for Batting


Debate Was 'Watershed' Moment of Multiple Screen Use by Viewers


After First Debate, Florida Voters Discuss Convincibility, Consistency


Turkey-Syria Clashes Reflect Greater Frustration, Larger Regional Conflagration


Antagonized by Border Violence, Turkey Shells Military Targets Inside Syria


News Wrap: Wall Street Stocks Rise on New Jobs Numbers


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