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Candidates Fine-Tune Their Messages Before First 2012 Presidential Debate


News Wrap: Suicide Bomber Attacks Afghan-American Patrol in Afghanistan


New Session of Supreme Court Expects Cases on Voting Rights, Same-Sex Marriage


8th-Grade Journalist Spotlights Violence in School, Hopes Obama Will Notice


Shields and Brooks on Early Voting, Preparing for the First Debate


China Prepares for Tranistion to New Government


Former Star of China's Communist Party Ousted, Fallen from Favor of Leadership


Hunting for Mines in the Persian Gulf, as Tensions Between Israel and Iran Build


News Wrap: 'Friends of Syria' Bolster More Global Support for Syrian Opposition


Consumer Confidence Is Higher Than Before Despite Mixed Economic Numbers


After Botched Call in Packers-Seahawks Game, Owners and Pro Referees Make Deal


Campaigns Use Non-Traditional Advertising to Target Specific Communities


In N.D., Oil Boom Brings Student Boom and Schools Struggle to Accommodate


Benghazi Attack Conclusively Linked to Terrorism, But Who Shares Responsibility?


New Evidence Shows Attacks on U.S. Consulate in Libya Linked to Terrorists


News Wrap: Economic Report Paints Mixed Picture, Oblique Recovery Outlook


Israel's Flirtation with Military Action Against Iran Puts U.S. in Tricky Spot


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Urges U.N. to Halt Iran's Nuclear Program


2012 Teacher of the Year on What Helps Teachers and Students Succeed


Turkish Minister Says Violence in Syria is Threat for Turkey's Internal Security


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