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Free Syrian Army Rebels Take Refuge in Turkey, Funnel Weapons Across Border


In Swing States, Elusive Youth Voters are Politically Jaded and Still Undecided


News Wrap: Rebels Claim Responsibility for Attack on Military Base in Damascus


Spanish and Greek Responses to Debt Crisis Unleash Backlash from Citizens


Protesters March on Greek Parliament to Protest Wage Cuts and Privatization


Where They Stand: How Voters, Pollsters and Historians Judge Presidents


Average Scores for SAT Tests Drop as Pool of Students Who Take Test Widens


Is Applying for Jobs Online Not an Effective Way to Find Work?


In the Face of GOP Criticism, Addressing Obama's Foreign Policy Challenges


News Wrap: Obama Campaign Talks Economics, Romney Campaign Talks Education


At U.N., President Obama Delivers 'Tough Love Speech,' Condemns Violent Protests


Why Students Who Underperform, Fall Behind or Fail Classes Drop Out of School


Debate Likely on Syria and Iran's Nuclear Program at 2012 U.N. General Assembly


Silent Stalemate on the Streets of Homs as Rebel and Regime Snipers Face-off


Grading the Campaigns Six Weeks from Election Day


News Wrap: Libyan Military Pushes to Disband 'Illegitimate' Militias in Benghazi


Political Ad Spending Doubled in 2012, More Drastically in Battleground States


Shields and Brooks on Romney's Tax Returns and '47 Percent' Remarks


Mitt Romney Releases 2011 Returns But Taxes Still a Hot Topic on Campaign Trail


Anti-Government Syrians Defend Themselves With Suicide Bombs and Grenades


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