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For Perpetrators and Victims, Suppressing Temptation of College Hazing Rituals


News Wrap: Leon Panetta Announces U.S. Surge Troops Withdrawn from Afghanistan


French Cartoons, Anti-Islam Film are 'Agitprop Designed to Provoke' Hard-Liners


Anger Over Drone Strikes, Anti-Islam Film, Provokes Deadly Protests in Pakistan


Ancient Papyrus Suggests Some Early Christians Thought Jesus Was Married


Synthetic Street Drug Camouflaged as Bath Salts Has Dangerous, Bizarre Effects


Thai Shrimp Industry Exploits Workers to Whet Global Appetite for Cheap Shrimp


Earth Loses Its 'Air Conditioner': Arctic Ice Cap Shrinks to Record Low Level


With Campaign Trail Flooded by Cash, Political Fundraising Post-Citizens United


President Obama and Romney Vie for Hispanic Vote in Florida, Talk Immigration


News Wrap: Independent Panel to Investigate Libya Attack and Death of Ambassador


Syrian Rebels Use 'Cat and Mouse' Tactics to Wage War


Syrian Regime Warplanes Bombed Gas Station in Ain Issa, Killing at Least 30


Bob Woodward on 'The Price of Politics,' Fiscal Fight Over the Debt Ceiling


U.S. Voters Are Highly Engaged: Pew Poll Suggests Big Turnout for 2012 Election


Students of Chicago Public Schools Back in Class, Broader Reform Issues Remain


U.S. Eases Sanctions as Myanmar Passes Democratic Reforms


After Years Under House Arrest, Democracy Activist Suu Kyi Honored by Obama


News Wrap: Romney Insists Americans Would Fare Better Under His Presidency


Justice Department Reports on Faulty Gunwalking Operation Along U.S. Border


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