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Kofi Annan on 40 Years Trying to End War, Promote Peace at the United Nations


National Pride is at Heart of China and Japan Dispute Over Islands


On Anniversary of Japanese Invasion, Chinese Protest Fueled by Land Disputes


How the Mortgage Crisis in Nevada Will Affect Voters at the Polls


News Wrap: Pa. Court Rules Voter ID Law Decision Must Be Revisited


GOP Scrambles to Contain Damage from Secretly Recorded Video at Fundraiser


Facing Uncertainty, Middle Eastern Christians Are Increasingly Emigrating


Medicare Patients Aren't Getting Sicker or Older, But Doctors Are Charging More


Climate Change Skeptic No Longer Doubts Human Role in Global Warming


Poll Numbers Sliding, Mitt Romney Plans to Offer Policy Specifics


News Wrap: Chinese Protests over Japan's Islands Acquisition


As U.S. Plans Military Exit, a Challenge to Reassure, Train Afghans


Police Attempt to Quell Anti-Islam Video Protests in Indonesia and Afghanistan


How Data Mining is Causing Analytical Revolution for Campaigns' Victory Strategy


Brooks and Marcus on Post-Convention Politics, Foreign Affairs, and Fed's QE3


Four Years After Bailouts, Banks Have Bounced Back, Still Making Risky Bets


News Wrap: Romney Demands Tougher Line on Protecting American Foreign Interests


The Nature of Muslim Protests and Police Response to Disorder


Muslim Protests in 20 Countries, Violent Demonstrations Focus on U.S. Embassies


For Campaigns, Online Outreach on Libya Attacks, Conventions, Get-Out the Vote


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