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In Refusing to Cooperate, Armstrong Faces Cycling Ban, Financial Consequences


Lance Armstrong Drops Fight Against Doping Probe, Calling It 'Unconstitutional'


News Wrap: Norwegian Shooter Found Sane in Court, Sentenced for Killing 77


Reports of Iran's Nuclear Progress Aggravate Tensions Between Tehran and West


New Proof that Iran Is Increasing Supply of Enriched Uranium for Nuclear Program


Islamic Militants Destroy Malian Cultural Heritage, Purporting a 'Pure Islam'


Have Democrats Lost Sight of Their Founding Principle?


How Media Coverage of the Political Conventions Has Shifted to Cable, Online


U.S. and U.K. Entangled in Legal Battle to Release Former IRA Militants' Stories


Presidential Candidates' Medicare Platforms Could Affect Undecided Voters


News Wrap: Mitt Romney Makes Energy Independence by 2020 a Policy Priority


U.N. Monitors Exit Syria, Failing to Stop Bloodshed


Richard Ford's Latest Novel 'Canada' Is Actually an American Morality Tale


Refugees Flee Mali to Escape Sharia Law Under Islamic Militants and al-Qaida


As Whooping Cough Rebounds in U.S., Infants at Greatest Risk


Swing States Weigh in on Presidential Race


News Wrap: Cases of West Nile Virus Reach Decade High


Congress Will Decide to 'Punt Again' or Go 'Off Cliff' to Fix Budget Deficit


Mickey Edwards Urges Congress, Before Party Affiliation Be 'an American First'


Nyad Endured Storm and Jellyfish Stings Before Ending Marathon Cuba-Florida Swim


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