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Without a Photo ID, Some PA Voters Won't Count in November Under Strict Law


As Rebels Advance, Syrian Government Retaliates with Attack Helicopters


News Wrap: Justice Department Orders New Orleans Police to Clean Up Corruption


Comparing the Candidates on their Foreign Policy Records and Priorities


Iraq Attacks are Worst Insurgent Violence in Years


15 Iraqi Cities Suffer Bomb Attacks as Al Qaeda Warns of New Offensive


Forces Clash in Syria's Two Largest Cities


Obama Campaign Faces Multiple Challenges in Efforts to Woo Florida Voters


NCAA Fines and Penalties Will Have Lasting Impact on Penn State Football Program


News Wrap: Presidential Campaigns Resume After Weekend Hiatus


As Colorado Shooter Appears in Court, More Details on How He Obtained Weapons


California Activists Want Smart Meters Banned, Claim They're Bad for Health


Brooks, Dionne, Woodruff on Campaign Strategy, Outsourcing and Gun Control


As Crisis Deepens, Thousands Flee Syria to Escape Violence


News Wrap: Spain Passes Austerity Measures to Fix Debt Crisis, Citizens Protest


A 'Horrific Scene' at the Theater, a Command Center at the High School


Batman Premiere Proves Tragic as 12 Killed, 59 Wounded in Colorado Shooting


Native American Communities Affected by Climate Change Plan for the Future


In Washington, a Focus on Testing and Fighting Stigma in the Fight Against HIV


Infection Rates Down, Drug Access Up and Optimism High Before AIDS Conference


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